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González Parra Madrid Law Firm

Our Law Firm, founded in 1995, covers the entire Corredor de Henares area, and its strategic location allows us to serve individual and corporate clients alike, within the Community of Madrid and all across Spain. As an international Law Firm, we collaborate with many different foreign law firms on a regular basis.

We specialize in different legal fields, allowing us to ensure quality legal services, with fees adjusted to each individual case. We offer our corporate clients the option to represent them under a retainer agreement.

We serve financial entities and universities, among other institutions, and we always strive to meet each one of our clients’ specific legal needs, working side by side with them or in collaboration with our partner law firms.

Bufete González Parra


Tel. (+34) 91 669 60 85
Calle de José Alix Alix, 14, 28830 San Fernando de Henares. Madrid, Spain

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